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Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Fernhill School’s philosophy holds small class sizes at the core of pupil development and ensures that our children receive the highest standard of education, attention and care they require. 

With class sizes considerably below the national average, teacher/pupil ratios are exceptional and individual opportunity abundant. As a pupil at Fernhill School your child will have a unique and individualised learning plan with personal success in abundance.

They will have a voice that will always be listened to and a contribution that will always be valued. 

As a result of this philosophy we are able to offer tailored teaching and promote positive attitudes towards learning and as such achieve outstanding academic excellence.

All of our pupils greatly benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our highly-skilled teaching staff and pupils within the Primary Department enjoy lessons from not only Primary specialists but also from subject specialists in areas such as, PE, Music, French and Italian.

Each pupil’s progress is reviewed on a frequent and regular basis to ensure that they are keeping up and being sufficiently challenged. Standardised testing is also used to monitor children’s progress and to offer evidence for where further interventions may be required or barriers to learning may be present.

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