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Nurturing Enviroment

The simple unerring goal of Fernhill School is to nurture the God-given talents and skill of our pupils. All our staff work in partnership with our parents to provide an environment in which your son or daughter will develop academically, socially and personally.


Our young people experience an environment that is caring and inclusive, supporting them and offering the best chance to realise their ambitions and academic potential. 


We use the school’s extensive grounds to provide pupils with modern 21st century education, underpinned by belief in traditional values. Our teachers help children develop their learning inside and outside of the classroom. Our private grounds and modern classrooms provide a range of teaching and learning opportunities for a diverse range of subjects.


This nurturing environment affords your child the confidence to be the best they can be, offering them opportunities to show initiative, work with others, care for others and be leaders in their own right, preparing them for the future.

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