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We follow the Scottish Executive Curriculum for Excellence from nursery to secondary stages, ensuring strength and consistency in learning and development as pupils seamlessly transfer from Nursery through Primary and onto Secondary. Fernhill School Primary Department offers a rounded and well-balanced curriculum, with the children enjoying lessons from specialist subject  teachers as well as primary specialist teachers.  

We use the school’s extensive grounds to provide pupils with modern 21st century education, underpinned by belief in traditional values. Our teachers help children develop their learning inside and outside of the classroom.  Our private grounds and modern classrooms provide a range of teaching and learning opportunities for a diverse range of subjects.

Pupils’ progress is tracked and monitored using standardized testing in Reading, English and Mathematics. Parents receive progress reports on their children at four points throughout the year; two written reports and two parents’ evenings.  

Learning continues with a programme of trips, visiting speakers, and theme days. The senior pupils benefit from a trip to Lockerbie Manor outdoor adventure centre and the pupils of Primary 7 often enjoy a city visit or foreign trip.

This nurturing environment affords your child the confidence to be the best they can be, offering them opportunities to show initiative, work with others, care for others and be leaders in their own right, preparing them for the future.  

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