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Extra Curricular

Fernhill School aims to inspire and motivate young people to become creative and confident.  Curricular and extra-curricular activities in music and the arts allow pupils to develop their talents, express their creativity and form foundations for lifelong learning.  Through music and the arts, Fernhill School aims to promote self-directed learning and gives children a sense of achievement and confidence in their own abilities.

Sports are an integral part of life at Fernhill School.   Our sports programme contains a variety of activities including hockey, rugby, gymnastics, dance, netball, athletics, tennis, swimming and much more. Pupils can participate in inter-house and inter-school sports fixtures as well as local and national competitions.


Amongst the myriad activities available at Fernhill school are  the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, to debate at a high level, to act in Drama and take part in chess clubs, History clubs and the Media society.

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