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Faith and Sacraments

Faith and Sacraments

The simple unerring goal of Fernhill School is to nurture the God-given talents and skills of our pupils. All our staff work in partnership with our parents to provide an environment in which your son or daughter will develop academically, socially and personally.


We endeavour to foster and develop the potential, talents and ambitions of each boy and girl within a caring Catholic community characterised by attitudes of mutual respect, humility and personal responsibility.  This encourages all of our young people to blossom and flourish personally, socially and academically within an overarching atmosphere of trust and personal dignity. 


We continue to build self-esteem and confidence in pupils through the House System within the school which reinforces a sense of support and belonging.  It encourages pupils to use their talents for their own benefit and for the benefit of their house.  The Fernhill Family provides a nurturing and supportive environment for all of our young people.

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