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Head Teacher's Welcome

It is my privilege to welcome you to Fernhill School, an all through (2-18) Independent Catholic School in Rutherglen, on the outskirts of Glasgow. We are renowned for academic excellence achieved through our small class sizes, tailored teaching and unrivalled levels of support and challenge. Fernhill School is widely recognised for its outstanding ethos which provides a strong framework for our pupils to become resilient, self-responsible, caring and compassionate citizens.

We strongly believe that given the right tools, our pupils will thrive in taking charge of their own development. Not only do we provide the opportunities for pupils to achieve good academic results but we actively promote the benefits of a wider curriculum. School should be a transformative experience through which pupils can prepare themselves to succeed in the many and varied roles they will undertake in future life.

Our Co-curricular programme will give our pupils the very best opportunities to access inspirational speakers, the opportunity to serve the wider community and wider world, develop leadership skills and a spirit of enterprise and philanthropy. Our outdoor education and international trips play a large role in developing the whole person. Perhaps most importantly our co-curricular provision will help our pupils grow as people, shape their future and impact positively as they move through life.

Fernhill School places wellbeing and support at its core. Every pupil and member of staff is a member of one of our three houses and as such has the opportunity to develop socially, morally, physically, mentally and emotionally. Our community supports many charities throughout the year and our pupils are instrumental in leading events and fundraising activities.

Through their words and actions, our pupils and staff contribute to a climate of mutual trust, respect, compassion and caring. As a school we encourage our pupils to use the privilege of their education for the good of others as well as for personal development. This is perhaps most evident in our Sixth Form who contribute one afternoon per week to the service of others in our wider community.

Above all our pupils will be encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential in curricular and extra-curricular pursuits displaying commitment and diligence and developing resilience in adversity.

We enjoy strong and tangible links with our Church and Chaplaincy. Mass is celebrated regularly in our school Oratory and we have various opportunities to celebrate our faith through the sacraments and Feast days in our local Church.

With this level of support and encouragement and a myriad of opportunities, we are confident our pupils will emerge from Fernhill School as well-educated, understanding, caring, confident and articulate young men and woman ready to play their part in a vibrant and challenging modern world.

Please come and see us in action at a time to suit you. I am certain you will be impressed by our ethos, our curricular offering and our energetic community.

Mark Donnelly

Head Teacher

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