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Primary Experience

Fernhill School Primary aims to inspire and motivate our young people to become successful, creative and confident learners. Challenged by a full and rounded curriculum and extra-curricular activities, pupils develop their talents, express their creativity and form foundations for lifelong learning. 

At Fernhill School Primary every child is cherished and valued. Each pupil is encouraged and helped to maximise their full potential in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. 

Along with academic excellence, Health and Wellbeing is a major topic within the Primary Department. Teaching sports, healthy life habits and  active lifestyles in an enthusiastic and stimulating manner improves the health and wellbeing of all of our pupils and will encourage them to maintain healthy habits into adulthood. The pupils in Primaries 6 and 7 take part in excursions and outdoor activities such as a visit to Lockerbie Manor. They are encouraged to challenge themselves by undertaking the JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools). 

Pupils have the opportunity to contribute more widely to the school community through the Pupil Council and Eco Team, enabling them to develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. Responsibility is further developed in Primary 7, with each pupil taking on a leadership role such as House Captain, Eco Captain and Junior Road Safety Officer. 

We love to celebrate success within the Primary and have a weekly Star of the Week. Pupils are encouraged to share their other success with all children within the Primary. 

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