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Support for Learning

Support for Learning

Every child is important to us and so we ensure that, irrespective of ability, all pupils receive an approach to learning and teaching which meets his/her specific needs.


Our staff use detailed monitoring and tracking procedures to assess pupil performance and highlight any educational needs. Moreover, our Principal Teacher of Pupil Support gives individual advice to staff on the myriad of approaches available to support learning. We hold in depth review meetings organised by Principal Teacher of Pupil Support to ensure an equality of support provision for all our pupils. 

Support for Learning within Fernhill School is implemented in a range of ways to ensure pupils receive the support or challenge necessary for them to achieve their full potential.

Our dedicated learning support team oversee the execution of several programmes to assist pupils in their learning.

Standardised Assessment to identify  Learning needs and drive appropriate intervention
Phonics and Math camps

Peer Support system

With small class sizes being a key philosophy at Fernhill School, class teachers are able to offer bespoke interventions in class to complement the interventions listed above.

School Transportation

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