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At Fernhill School we understand the importance of a smooth and effective transition from Nursery to Primary school and at different points as children progress through their primary education; from infants to juniors and from juniors to seniors. 


The transition from Primary School to Secondary School is vitally important in the lives of our pupils. To this end, our young people in Primary 7 experience a transitus year where a lot of their time is spent in the Secondary Department. Along with the transitus year is a tailored programme of whole days spent in the Secondary Department. During these Secondary School visits the pupils have taster lessons in all subjects the Secondary has to offer. They get to know the geography of the whole school campus and meet their teachers, thereby removing some of the obstacles children might be expected to meet when moving to a new stage of their education.


The staff in the Primary work closely with their Secondary colleagues to ensure that the needs of every child are addressed as they move forward thereby giving them head start in their Secondary Education.

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